How to conceptualise and generate visualisations with many points interconnected via Bézier curves?

Can someone uncover the design process behind social network visualisations such as – and how those interconnecting Béziers are generated? Answer So those kind of network graphs are often called node link diagrams. This article might be a good place to start: The Links That Bind Us: Network Visualizations. Except for very small datasets, … Read more

What are some free software packages for producing attractive scientific plots?

The plotting capabilities of MATLAB leave much to be desired. Right now the python matplotlib library has my attention, but I wanted to ask those of you on Graphic Design if you had any other suggestions for data visualization tools before deciding to dive deep into the world of SciPy/Numpy/matplotlib. Most desired features: –Vector output … Read more

Is there a better visual than the infamous generic stock photo employee for a human connection? [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 7 years ago. Improve this question We have a strict corporate policy against publishing any photos. In fact one magazine requested a head shot for the … Read more

What is good graphic visualization of a climate diagram

Does anybody know about a nice climate diagram visualization, incorporating more information than the example on Wikipedia: For example also data like, snowfall, humidity, hail, fog, thunder and so on .. I appreciate any pointers! Answer What you are looking for is a multivariable weather chart. To my knowledge, there is no standardised model for … Read more

How do I improve the visual design of my scientific schematic figures?

When writing a manuscript, I generally feel like my plots follow a good balance of visibility and informational portrayal. Once in a awhile, I need to create a figure where something is shown “schematically”. Though drawn in Inkscape or Illustrator, these drawings often look like word art. Is there a way to improve the visual … Read more

How can I develop a system to translate ideas into Ideograms?

I am in the process of creating some infographics for some design thinking methods. I need to translate sometimes complex (but with common themes) ideas into visuals. To put it a different way, why does it, when you see an arrow pointing right, indicate that you should go or look right? Answer Short answer: Use … Read more

Header for free, Open Source plugin (translates UI into user language)

We’re about to publish a free, open source plugin that translates the WordPress admin UI into the users language. This plugin will be freely available in the official plugin repository. Now we need a header (actually two: one for retina capable devices and one for normal displays) – in the size of 1544x500px/772x250px – … Read more