Gmail & Dragon Dictate for Mac

I’m trying to create commands for a specific website context (Gmail). However, the commands aren’t being recognized. I have tried the following URLs for the website context:* ** I watched this video for instruction, and I don’t see where I’m going wrong. I’m testing it with just a simple command: saying “New tab” … Read more

SpeechRecognitionServer not found in Mavericks with applescript?

I am trying to use an applescript to get speech input from a user and then perform and action. However, the code i’m using was made for osx lion. When I put it into applescript editor, the editor gives me a pop-up asking where “speechrecognitionserver” is. How do i find it? I’m on OSX mavericks … Read more

Mac dictation custom commands not working

I use the Mac Yosemite (10.10.3) built in dictation extensively, and I find it does a really good job of understanding my speech, at least when I’m speaking in complete sentences. I also use the dictation commands that you find under accessibility in system preferences, Like scroll down and scroll up. (It even does a … Read more