How to make rounded corner thumbnail ” containing image of the post “?

When I create rounded rectangles in Photoshop, I can mask images over those rounded rectangles to give them rounded corners. When I’m making websites however, I’m not sure how to give images rounded corners. I don’t know how to use vector masks on website, do you think it’s the right solution? Please, if anyone can … Read more

Where can I input a color palette and find combining colors that fit in?

I use the Affecton template in a bit different way that it was designed to be used probably. I do not have as much content as it was designed to support. I have only a couple of pictures on the page and very little or no text. The result is that the white background is … Read more

How to create interactive emails?

What programmes do I need to create an email newsletter that can contain hyperlinks, artwork, video or links to video etc . For a long time I’ve been making our charities’ newsletter /posters in PS / AI and sending them either as an attachment or inline in email. But now we have more activity with … Read more

What’s the name for a “multi page scrolling webpage?”

A lot of tech companies have a websites with the following UI features: a homepage containing several discrete “slides” stacked vertically you can scroll vertically through the slides or, (in some cases) you can use the navigation bar at the top to jump to a specific slide I’m interested in finding templates for this type … Read more

In Photoshop, what is the quickest way to find a specific layer when there are many?

I’m working on cutting up a web design template and this has bugged me for years. On my psd file I have a bunch of layers and I want to crop out the arrow icon without anything in the background making it transparent when used on a site. I usually just guess and hide layers … Read more

Updating artwork across multiple artboards simultaneously

If you have a navigation element like a header or footer that you are constantly changing and you want it to update simultaneously across multiple artboards is there a way to achieve this in Illustrator? I thought an AI template would be the way to go but it just seems to place an object with … Read more

Why did the size of copied elements from Illustrator to Photoshop change?

I’m working on a comp provided by a designer. It’s an Illustrator file. My normal workflow is I copy (to the clipboard) a visual element from Illustrator and paste it into Photoshop. This allows me to work on and prepare the element I need to turn into a PNG for use on the web. The … Read more

Learning WordPress for designers does a framework help?

I ask this question because it is in relation to Scott’s thread here. I understand we have a WordPress stack exchange but I wanted to know before I dive into WordPress how designers have approached learning. Did you find it easier or beneficial to just dive into traditional themeing or did a pre-existing framework help? … Read more