Can I connect a Ubuntu Linux laptop to a Windows 10 laptop via ethernet cable

I have seen people connect two computers with an Ethernet cable, but the instructions I’ve seen were for Windows to Windows or Mac to Mac or Windows to Mac. I never came across any for connecting Windows to Linux. Is it possible to connect a Windows system to a Linux system via Ethernet cable? Answer … Read more

How to execute Windows commands remotely from Linux machine using rdesktop command?

Is it possible to run Windows commands using rdesktop tool in Linux? I tried with rdesktop -s option: rdesktop -u user -p -s “cmd.exe” but I’m not able to open the cmd.exe using the above command, also I tried with the full path: rdesktop -u user -p’password’ -s “C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe” but there is no … Read more

Best way to use a shell with Cygwin in Windows 7 [closed]

Closed. This question is opinion-based. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it can be answered with facts and citations by editing this post. Closed 5 years ago. Improve this question I installed Cygwin, to be disappointed that bash by default runs within “cmd.exe”. I googled around … Read more

Does installing and using Wine open up your Linux platform to Windows viruses?

Just wondering if installing Wine might open up a fairly solid Linux desktop to the world of Windows viruses. Any confirmed reports about that? Would you then install a Windows antivirus product under Wine? Answer Yes and no. Viruses/trojans are just programs, and will work on Wine… Also, your normal Linux file system is exposed … Read more

Can’t access Windows drive: “Windows is hibernated, refused to mount”

I’m using Fedora 20 along with Windows 8. However, I’m unable to access the contents of the drive in which Windows 8 is installed. It shows: Error mounting /dev/sda2/ The NTFS partition is in unsafe state Windows is hibernated, refused to mount even though I had shutdown the Windows properly. Answer First, make sure you … Read more

How can I prevent Windows from overwriting GRUB when using a dual-boot machine

I’ve been reading a lot about dual-booting, and it seems as easy as loading Windows and then loading Linux with GRUB, but everybody says that Windows loves to trash GRUB when it gets the opportunity. What are some steps I can take to prevent this from happening (other than using Windows’ bootloader, I want to … Read more