How to create a vector (SVG) with XML Code?

I recently saw an icon on the web, a stepper motor image: but when I click “View image” it sends me to the page, which shows the XML code for creating the image, I suppose. How can I recompile this code to create a normal SVG out of it? Or what is the deal … Read more

Multiple whitespace characters in XML for InDesign

I want to use an InDesign workflow where my editor types into an XML document, and I link elements of that document to frames in my layout. Unfortunately, some of our content employs monospace text with multiple whitespace characters in a row. I’m used to XML ignoring whitespace. Does InDesign ignore whitespace, too? Will that … Read more

Indesign – importing images via xml

I have imported several tags to import an image using the following code: <link href=”C:\Users\39875\Pictures\Screenpresso\test.png”></link> However the created the image is quite large. I have resized the image to make it smaller but it does not actually resize it. Is there a way of setting the image size in the xml? Answer Unfortunately there is … Read more

indesign: exporting table xml

I have a table in InDesign that looks like this: When I use the AutoTag feature and export the resulting XML, I get XML that looks like this: <Table> <Table xmlns:aid=”” aid:table=”table” aid:trows=”2″ aid:tcols=”9″> <Cell aid:table=”cell” aid:crows=”1″ aid:ccols=”1″ aid:ccolwidth=”29.99″>12:00-2:59Am</Cell> <Cell aid:table=”cell” aid:crows=”1″ aid:ccols=”1″ aid:ccolwidth=”29.99″>3:00-5:59Am</Cell> <Cell aid:table=”cell” aid:crows=”1″ aid:ccols=”1″ aid:ccolwidth=”29.99″>6:00-8:59Am</Cell> <Cell aid:table=”cell” aid:crows=”1″ aid:ccols=”1″ aid:ccolwidth=”29.99″>9:00-11:59Am</Cell> <Cell … Read more

XML Indesign Layout Troubleshoot

Im trying to create a course catalog layout using XML. I go through the steps of creating basic layout tagging it and mapping styles. When I go to import xml I select “clone repeating text elements,” “only import elements that match existing structure,” and “Do not import contents of whitespace-only elements.” Nothing happens. My dummy … Read more