Center object A with object B

So in the picture below, you can see on the left (object A) and on the right (object B). I’m wanting to vertically center object A on the left of object B. Since object A is a weird shape, Illustrator puts the center accordingly to the bounding rectangle around it instead of the objects shape itself. So when I go to vertically center A to B. It doesn’t quite exactly center the correct way (or the way I want it). So how do I fix this problem? Picture 2 will show you of an example of when I try to use the alignment tools.

enter image description here

enter image description here


Easiest, fairly universal instructions:

Duplicate the shapes by copying and pasting in place.

Take the shapes – something like this:

Before adding

On the duplicates go to Object > Path > Add Anchor Points — you’ll get something like this with it perfectly centered on each edge (with my awesome circling skills for added emphasis):

after add

Drag the duplicate and the original from one of the anchor points to the other.


For final step by request – make sure Snap To Point is on by View->Snap To Point:

Now delete the duplicates with the unnecessary anchor points.

Source : Link , Question Author : ErraticFox , Answer Author : Ryan

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