Change kerning between two specific characters, in a ttf

I’m using the Typeface Rubik. It’s semibold font face has problematic default kerning between the “f” and “i” characters(picture below.) Does anyone know a way to change the default font, so that there’s more kerning between f and i whenever typed?

An image showing the word figure, the seconds is properly kerned

Thanks ahead for your help.


What you see is an fi ligature (U+FB01). This is a deliberate feature of the font.

There are some letters pairs which tend to get too close to each other or even overlap. Increasing kerning will make them look too far apart. Ligatures are two (or more) letters combined into one glyph. They are used to make the typesetting look nicer and more professional.

Wikipedia article on ligatures.

If you want to avoid ligatures there is no need to change the font! Instead simply change the settings in your layout application.

For example, in InDesign you can turn ligatures on and off under the Basic Character Formats in the Paragraph Style.

Source : Link , Question Author : LucianNovo , Answer Author : Wolff

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