Changing text’s font in a graded way

I’m trying to create an image with text that has one font on the left side, and another on right, but instead of just changing the font in the middle of the text, I want it to morph smoothly. My question is, if it is possible to do so, without manual changing every letter to look properly, using tools such as Inkscape, Adobe AE or other similar tools?

(For example: text “Hello World” has the letter “h” in “hello” written using Arial Black, while “d” in “World” is written with Trajan Pro, while every letter in between has properties of both fonts, such that on the right it looks like deformed Arial etc., to the left where text is written using deformed Trajan)


One way to get started is to use Illustrator’s blend function.

You’ll need to type the words out in both fonts, outline the text, ungroup both of them, make blends between the same letter, then set the blend options down a bit so they’re not running into each other. Then you can take the intermediate letters as needed.

All of this blend stuff is in the ‘object’ menu. You’ll need to expand the blend to get at the individual letters.

I actually tried this. A lot of the letters – particularly L and R – need work, but not a bad place to start.


Source : Link , Question Author : IDontEvenCarem , Answer Author : Jeremy S.

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