Checking through different fonts quickly

There’s a trick I’ve seen other graphic designers do wehre they’ll highlight a block of text, and then seemingly down-arrow through their whole list of fonts, seeing how it looks on that text block, ’til they find one that looks right. Yet when I try to emulate, it doesn’t work for me: I have to manually click the Font box, pick one, see how it looks, and repeat. It goes from being an effortless tap-tap-tap on the keyboard to a click-drag-click-drag chore. What’s the trick?


The Macintosh version of Illustrator won’t do this. It’s been requested for literally years that they fix it, but it’s still not fixed. It works fine in Windows Illustrator and Win/Mac Photoshop. But you just can’t do it on a Mac with Illustrator.

Keep your fingers crossed that they might actually fix it with the next release.


Adobe Illustrator CS6 has added the ability to simply use the arrow keys to walk through fonts in the font menu. Only Illustrator CS6 (v16) or newer will do this on a Macintosh.

Source : Link , Question Author : baudot , Answer Author : Scott

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