Cinema 4D setting up a 3 point lighting system for whole scene

I am working on a small car animation project. On my scene, I have three cars which will be crossing a crossroad. It is a simple project but I would like to have my lighting set up correctly. From what I know and from what I heard a 3 point lighting system is very common. I know how to set it up for one object on the scene but things get a bit hard when it goes for more objects.

Does anyone have any idea or can link me some useful tutorials for my issue? I know that a lot of people use Sky lighting and just teak with the render settings, but I would really like to use that 3 point system.


You have it wrong… 3 Light setup is for photos in a studio. You do not have that outside.

enter image description here

On this planet, at least, we have one Sun.

And the light it casts bounces all over the place illuminating a bit the surroundings. This is called ambient light.

enter image description here

If you have an old rendering program, you can fake in a primitive way this bounced light using a light on the opposite side of the scene without casting shadows, so it goes thru all the floors, etc, and all objects have a little bit of light on its own shadow side.

enter image description here

But if your program is a modern one nice setup is to add Ambient Occlusion to your scene and one infinite light.

On a fast machine, you could use HDRI illumination.

Source : Link , Question Author : Automation_Padawan , Answer Author : Rafael

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