Classification schemes for icons

Is there a standard classification scheme used by graphic designers for icons to help identify the characteristics of icon designs?

I am not referring to things that describe the physical characteristics (e.g. 32px x 32px or file size), but style characteristics or the nature of the image (e.g. noun vs. action or abstract vs. detailed).

For example, uses Categories and Styles on top of keyword terms, but it is still quite difficult to find or describe the icons clear enough to communicate the design elements.

Just wondering if things such as defining the icons as ‘objects’ or ‘actions’ or ‘descriptions’ and also describing the style and complexity of the design (single or multiple objects in the design) would make it more useful for people to find and design them.


To recap, what I said before. Here is presented some kind of different terms like 3d, simple, complex, flat, lineart, etc.. but even designers understand each of them in a bit different way. This is why specific visual references is the most effective way to be sure that everybody at the same track.

Source : Link , Question Author : Michael Lai , Answer Author : Vnovak

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