Clean, simple CSS styles for text and table-heavy sites

I just want some basic, clean-looking CSS styles to apply to a site of mine that’s a web application with lots of forms and tables.

Anyone have a theme or a set of CSS or a site I can look at to find examples? Also would like some decent printable stylesheets.


It all depends how is structured your html, to apply the right CSS style, the right colors and effect.
Try to look here for some visual examples on this article
and here there is the source file with the css and html

About printing consider that backgrounds are not printed (colored backgrounds and image backgrounds) you should use the media print. An interesting articles on how to setup your CSS Print to optimise the design of your website

If you need more specific technical help, look over for coding help, if instead you need a suggestions on colors or composition come back here, but at least post an image 🙂

Source : Link , Question Author : Caveatrob , Answer Author : Littlemad

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