Client is turning my booklet design into a website – how to charge for this?

Designed a print booklet for my client and I charge an hourly rate. I work for them freelance on an ongoing basis and they already paid that invoice. Next, they got the web designer to use the booklet design as the basis for their new website – in fact they took the PDF of the booklet and used it as inspo for a scrolling-style website. I don’t do coding or web design, so I wasn’t able to put it together for them, but because the web designer used my PDF and Indesign file to copy the branding, it would have cut hours off his work.

I feel that I should be charging an additional fee for my design being used on the website, even though I technically didn’t put in the hours for it. The web designer required my design files in order to make the website. It’s just a bit different to supplying a logo, the entire format of the booklet was copied. I was thinking a percentage amount off the original booklet invoice. Or, just an amount I think is “fair”, which I have no idea what would be for this situation.

Just wanted to add this is a relatively small family business, always generous and never question things like payment/rates and I know they would be fully understanding, I just need to be professional about it and know how to charge for this kind of thing.

How much should I charge? Where would I get this amount from? How would I bring this up with the client?


We don’t know your relationship with this client, but I’m pretty sure you don’t want it ruined because of an emotional reaction: ‘oh that other guy is stealing my work and getting paid for it’.

The client, who is paying you for other type of work and apparently having a good relationship there, has told this programmer, look ‘we want this website to look like the brochure I paid for, because obviously there’s brand consistency and all that’. ‘Our amazing designer cannot code, so its up to you as a coding person to reuse artwork we paid for and do what the designer cannot do’.

Certainly, this programmer person is just doing what he’s being told.

One of my clients is doing the same: I did their branding, some brochures, some websites even. But their workload is so large and diverse, they always need other type of work (interior design, signage, even other brochures) which I simply cannot deliver technically or time-wise. And yeah, these other providers are reusing the artwork I made and got paid for.

So no, especially when you have a good relationship with a client and he is generous, you don’t bring this up. If you do, the client may try to respond politely and discuss this, but he’s also going to see a red flag.

Source : Link , Question Author : Brandon , Answer Author : Lucian

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