Client requested artwork to print themselves

A client has requested that I supply a PDF of artwork I have previously designed and printed, about a year ago, for them so they can send to another printer to have more printed.

I have always had a good relationship with this client and have not received any negitive feedback on past work. I have also been told that our prices are very similar.

Is this normal for a client request?
How can I stop this happening again in the future?

For one I am losing income but am also annoyed as I thought we had a very good working relationship.
Should I charge to supply the PDF?


This is probably a personal matter.

And you’re best off agreeing to it, in no uncertain terms, because this will make it clear that you’re not afraid of competition, at all.

You can’t know the nature of the personal matter.

It could be anything from a family member (of the client) trying their hand at starting up a print shop to some vague rumour about you doing the rounds.

There’s no way to gently ask, but there is one sure fire way to open the door to a conversation, and that’s to instantly, happily and sincerely respond in a positive manner to their request.

You can’t win them all, but you can lose with your reputation for good conduct and sportsmanlike demeanour well and truly intact.

Source : Link , Question Author : Andy , Answer Author : Confused

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