Client requesting admin work

I’m working on a number of documents for my client and they are asking for admin type tasks now. I create the document layouts and then fill them in with content provided by the client and format accordingly.

However, they are asking me to do some word-processing tasks and that’s not in my job description. These mainly have to do with updating some existing documents, which might be why they are asking. However, they have PDFs that they can save as Word Docs for this task. I’ve tried many times to get them to do this. Also, they seem to want me to keep track of the latest Word Docs (these get revised A LOT, and sometimes they just comment on PDFs so it’s hard to keep track of all the changes) and upload them into the server.

How to tactfully let them know to have their people do this type of thing?


Option 1: “Sorry but this isn’t in my contract. I don’t offer the service either to give you a rate.”

Option 2: “Sorry but this isn’t in our current contract. I am able to add that service for $x fee if you’d like.”

In option 2 the fee can be enough to get you to do it, or enough so you can then subcontract it. Keep in mind while subcontracting sounds nice just playing middle man you’re still the point of contact and have to do all the back and forth and its still you on the line if your subcontractor fails.

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