Client wants .ai file but it doesn’t display correctly

I have a client from hell, she wants my original .ai files and that is fine, however she downloaded Ai CC and is now complaining that “things don’t show up right”… this is a map and has about 70 layers and is very complex.

I outlined the fonts, I embedded all the files, I packaged the project but still she complains that I am doing something to prevent her from seeing the file properly. She claims that some the “houses” I created and saved into my symbols pallet and used on the map are not showing up in the right color. I am trying to tell her that it is a settings issue or a layer issue, but if I flatten the layers she won’t be able to modify at all. I provided 100% vector PDFs but she isn’t happy.

Advice? What would you do? What would you do to the file before you send it? Help this is the job I have only heard about from others 🙂


See ya

If you’ve been paid for the scope of work completed, walk away.
If you haven’t, you might want want to walk away anyway.

You’re not likely to get to the bottom of the file issue without investing a lot of time. She doesn’t know how to use Illustrator — she just downloaded it! It sounds to me like you’re not likely to get paid for the time it will take to teach her what she’s doing.

Send her a PDF (with all information retained) and never speak to her again.

When an agency wants your files so they can use them to create other deliverables, all’s well. When an organization wants your files so they can be “in control”, that’s a bad sign.

Clients are fairly predictable. This client thinks they’ll be able to find cheaper work elsewhere and they want to keep your work to pass off to the next poor schmuck. Don’t be that schmuck.

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