Client wants to remove footer on certain pages, should I?

I have a client who insists that we remove the footer from certain pages under the guise of ‘the footer will distract people and they will leave the site/not finish the journey’.

To me, this sounds unfounded. If people want to leave the site they will. Removing the footer will not stop that, nor are people that easily distracted.

However, my colleagues advise me that at the end of the day it’s the clients website and we should do as they ask. I understand this, “the customer is always right” logic being applied.

But in my honest opinion, I don’t think the customer is right and could do with advice from myself or my colleagues regarding this matter.

I wanted to pose the question here to see how important a footer is in website design? All the research I’ve done suggests it’s relatively important and while most of the articles I’ve read suggest to do at least something with it, none have suggested to remove it entirely.

The clients footer contains links to terms and conditions, how the site works, other related websites which are theirs and a few documents.


Ultimately it is the customer’s site. So long as it is within the contract, meaning you’re not doing extra work for no extra pay, the customer has the final say. All we can do in such a circumstance is strongly recommend one way or the other and provide evidence as to why we believe that.

Footers, while helpful, are not necessary by any means for some particular types of websites. To me, the worst thing about removing it on some pages is inconsistency. To me, this matters a lot more than whether or not the footer is there. If a user sees it on one page they might think something went wrong for it not to appear on another page. However if the styles of the pages are vastly different besides the fact that the footer is missing it is not a big deal.

In summary, it’s their decision provided you’re not doing extra work for no pay.

Source : Link , Question Author : Gary , Answer Author : Zach Saucier

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