Coding a website design , which is better from PSD (Adobe photoshop) or EPS ( Adobe illustrator )? [duplicate]

What is the diffrence between EPS and PSD in making a mockup in:
1. Quality
2. Size in loading page
3. Easier to use
4. Similarity between both of them

Thanks in advance….



  • Rapid UI prototyping
  • Extensive UI stencils available within Fireworks and online for Mobile & web interfaces that you can design off
  • Integration with jQuery Mobile Theme Roller means you can go from UI design to CSS within the same tool
  • Hybrid between Photoshop and Illustrator for Web Design Needs
    • Photoshop is great for a 4000×2000 image editing without losing quality, but for web .. you don’t need that kind of image editing power – perhaps 5% of the time. Same way, Illustrator is very powerful for vector stuff, but you don’t need that power all the time
    • Fireworks is the hybrid between the two of them that’s much more focused towards web/mobile development workflow
  • But not less powerful that the other two! Do you need a 6 stage gradient? You can do that easily in Fireworks too.
  • Generates CSS from your design; You can do a nice gradient button, go to CSS property inspector & copy the CSS there, send to your developer (this is still quite cool for me :p)

The only annoying thing about FW for me is that the keyboard shortcuts are sometimes different from Photoshop.

Source : Link , Question Author : ahmed amro , Answer Author : a20

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