Color checker for comparing print to screen output

I want to print a color checker to have a set of colors to compare the output from the printer with what I see on the screen. Does anybody have a standard color checker? I can also google one, but apart from something that looks like a nice set of colors I don’t really know what’s important here…


Given that you’re looking for this for Photographic accuracy than what you probably want is to look at the X-Rite product lineup of ColorChecker Targets. You’ll then also want to look into theirs or others Monitor and Printer Calibration. This will provide you much more consistent results than attempting to print your own.

ColorChecker Targets:

enter image description here

Printer Calibration:

enter image description here

i1Photo Pro 2 Professional Color Management for Photographers would be a complete kit but you might be better served looking at individual product options. There are also plenty of competitors of varying quality to x-rite.

For more on the subject you may want to visit the Photography Stack Exchange:

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