Color palette for website I am working on

I recently was hired to work on a website, however I am having a very hard time trying to come up with a color scheme because of the companys choice of brand color.

Their color is around #f37321. It is not this specifically but anything in that general area works.

I can not find any colors that look nice with it. I tried a lighter blue/silver but the orange is too harsh.

Does anyone know a way to make the orange seem less harsh or other colors that will look nice alongside it?

enter image description here


I use encycolorpedia for this. It recommends:

Inverted: #0c8cde

25% Saturated: #fe7015

Grayscale: #8a8a8a

25% Lighter: #f69c62

25% Darker: #c4530a

chocolate: #d2691e

25% Desaturated: #d8783b

It also supplies closely related colors used by popular sites, which might give you some additional ideas:

Home Depot #ee7125

Etsy #eb6d20

StackOverflow #ef8236

Amazon #e47911

Source : Link , Question Author : Mr.Smithyyy , Answer Author : vallismortis

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