Color separation for offset printing in Photoshop

It’s easy to separate colors in Adobe Illustrator by converting the desired color into a spot color from the swatches panel in order to get it on a separate zinc plate.. But the problem I’m facing is that I want do the same in Adobe Photoshop, I have a flyer designed in Photoshop but I want the color of the background to be one special color in a separate color channel instead of being a mix of color channels, so that I can get the background on one zinc plate for printing first




In Photoshop, each ink, including CMYK as well as spot colors like PANTONE inks, needs its own dedicated channel in the channels panel. If you want the blue background to print as a single ink, instead of a CMYK build, you need to “move” that color to its own spot channel. when editing individual channels, they will appear to be grayscale, where black is 100% ink, and white is 0% ink. Converting a full color piece to spot color channels is very tricky business. Be aware that it may not be possible to achieve the same full color look of your original with spot inks, unless you are going to use CMYK in addition to spots.

Source : Link , Question Author : Yaya , Answer Author : 13ruce

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