Color Swatches: loading multiple ASE files in illustrator CS5.5

Is there a way to import multiple ASE files from the Swatches palette in Illustrator CS5.5 ?
Currently I can only import one ASE file at a time by doing:

Swatches->Open Swatch Library->Other Library…

This gets tiresome when you have many ASE files to load.


I make generative art works which employ color schemes downloaded from as ASE files.I improved the script provided by plainclothes to make a useful multiple ASE file loader tool to load all the color schemes I downloaded in one go. The tool uses the ActionScript File.openDialog class to select multiple ASE files from the download folder. It then loads the selected files using the aforementioned script.

#target Illustrator

var openOpt = new OpenOptions();

// Last argument in the File.openDialog() set to true to allow multiple file selection
// The return values is an array of File objects
var a = File.openDialog("Select ASE files:", "*.ase", true);

// Go though the array of File objects and load them as ASE files
for(var i = 0; i < a.length; i++){
    objFile = a[i];

Source : Link , Question Author : HappyTorso , Answer Author : Khalid M. Khalid

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