Color values change from one Photoshop document to another

I’ve got two PS documents, both are in RGB 16 bit mode. One is a photo in .jpg the other a .psd document.

When I select a color with the eyedropper tool from the 1st document to use in the second document the color value changes to a more muddier color. How can i prevent this when both the color modes and bit depth are the same? I’m pulling my hair out here….

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Something to check: When you eyedropper a layer, it can sometimes pick up adjustment layers or ignore blend modes. If so, option-click with the eyedropper tool to pick the colour created by the flattened layers.

This also might be related to colour profiles. Ensure both documents are using the same colour profile Edit > Assign profile. If you want to permanently convert the colours in the document use Edit > Convert to profile. sRGB is usually the best choice for working on screen.

Source : Link , Question Author : Just Me , Answer Author : twigsta

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