Colors appear differently on webpage when saving in sRGB

I’ve made a webpage with an image next to text, set as the same color I thought I had used for the image. However when I looked at the webpage on Safari (on Mac) I noticed that the actual color of the text and image were different (this was not the case in Chrome or Firefox).

I have since read about how you should save web images using the sRGB color scheme.

However I need the text color (set to a HEX value by CSS) to be exactly the same as the actual image color displayed. However when choosing the color for the image I seem only to see the full range – i.e. not just the sRGB colors that are actually available to me.

It then converts the color to the equivalent/available sRGB color.

Is there anyway in Photoshop (or Pixelmator) to only use sRGB safe colors in the color palette?


Where are you grabbing your hex value from? Inside Photoshop?

Have you tried using something like Xscope to grab the hex value from the image in the browser? Rather than messing around with color spaces, that may be the quickest way to go.

That said, take a look at this article on color spaces and that color shift you’re seeing:

Source : Link , Question Author : Jon Cox , Answer Author : Angie Herrera

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