Colors in Photoshop CS6/CC look different than in browser?

One of my friends, a graphic designer told me recently that sometimes colors in Photshop look slightly different than the ones rendered in browser.

I know it is possible when you save a file and then use it on a website due to palettes, but he uses given color in PS, for example #b81e1e, then he creates a DOM element and sets its background to #b81e1e and the color is rendered differently in browser than in PS (I guess it’s not that subtle as he can easily spot it). It’s not a regular thing and it doesn’t happen always, but he states it happened to him a few times, although he can’t really tell me with witch colors.

Is it even possible? Because I have never really heard about anything like this & nothing like this ever happened to me…


This is most likely a color profile issue.

First off, he should be working RGB and not CYMK or another color space. This is easy enough to check, simply go to Image > Mode and ensure it’s set to RGB. My guess is it probably is.

The second issue is a color profile. This may be set to something else. It should be using sRGB IEC61966-2.1, which is considered a standard for most PC monitors. The easiest way to check this is to go to Edit > Color Settings. If it’s set to the “North America General Purpose 2” or “North America Web/Internet” it should be working fine.

The final step is to setup a “proof setup” that will set a monitor color preview. Go to “View > Proof Setup > Monitor RGB”. Then, you can toggle on/off the proof colors by using the shortcut (depends on OS) for Proof Colors, which is under the View toolbar.

I’m not intimately familiar with color profiles in Photoshop, but these are the steps I take if I find color mismatches. Normally it’s a non-issue for me.

more info on color profiles

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