Combine Two Vector Shapes into One, With One Path (in Sketch App)

(In Sketch, the app.)

I’m trying to create a shape that is symmetrical on the vertical axis.

I made one half of the shape, duplicated it, flipped the duplicate, then grouped the two together into one object using the Union join menu option.

This is almost what I want, except that when displaying the border for the object, the vertical line where I joined the two objects still appears.

Is there a way to combine the two union’ed vector shapes so that one vector path goes around the outside outline?

I believe the equivalent in Photoshop is the Merge Shape Components option. I can’t seem to find the equivalent in Sketch.

thank you


  1. Select the layers that you wish to combine.
  2. Press the “Union” button in the tool bar, or from the to menu, choose Layer > Combine > Union. (You already got to this point, of course.)
  3. Layer > Paths > Flatten will merge the shapes into the same path.

Source : Link , Question Author : Anthony C , Answer Author : Mark Nugent

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