Combining angled shapes in Photoshop CS6 causes antialiasing on all

When I combine two shapes where at least one has a non-right angle or curve, both shapes become anti-aliased. This appears to be some new to CS6. Are there any ways to get around this? The photo below shows two sets of combined shapes, one with a 45 degree angle which causes the blurring and one with right angles which does not blur.!

Example of Blurring

enter image description here


Photoshop will always anti-alias shapes, which in most situations is what you want. When designing icons and other small-scale items, quite often that’s not what you want.

One way to avoid the problem is to change your workflow slightly. Create and combine paths, rather than shape layers, then stroke and fill the paths.

  • For strokes, use the Pencil tool and “Stroke Path” from the Paths flyout menu.

  • For fills, use “Fill Path” and turn off Anti-Alias.

Source : Link , Question Author : hereswhatidid , Answer Author : Alan Gilbertson

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