Completely different interpretation of Pantone to RGB values depending where I look.

I’m making a web site and have been told the corporate color is pantone 2745.

In illustrator, here, and here it is a deep indigo color.

Here, here, here and here it is a deep violet sort of color.

The indigo sources (at least the first two) seem more compelling to me, but at the same time, I prefer the violet colour as a bit more personable if I had to choose. What is the best bet, or are there other more reliable sources, and where is the difference coming from?


There is no such thing as a definitive conversion from a PMS colour to RGB, so if the client hasn’t already determined what RGB value to use, and there isn’t any previous web work to form a precedent, I’d recommend that you provide a few on-screen samples and get them to choose what they think is best by comparing with a Pantone swatch at their desks.

Explain that you are one person with a high end calibrated monitor, and so while you can provide a recommendation, it won’t necessarily be the most suitable for the business-grade displays and lighting conditions their employees and clients will view the colour with.

Suggest that you could carry out testing on their premises if need be, but note that ultimately people do not actually compare print with screen, so a decision on a value in order to tie down consistency on the web s somewhat more important than exactly what that value is.

Source : Link , Question Author : Damon , Answer Author : e100

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