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I am new to graphic design, and I am wondering how it’s possible to convert a complex hand drawing to vector by tracing or any other method. Let’s say I have an image like this:
enter image description here

and I want to convert it to vector image. I have Inkscape app and only method I know is tracing bitmap, but when image is very complex and drawn by hand, my vector image has many many points and sometimes the app completely freezes. Also, tracing converts sharp edges to round edges. So the converted image differs from the original. Is there any different technique for doing this. I know there has to be something.


You can get good results in Inkscape with Trace Bitmap, however that image needs some cleaning up in a raster image editor first.

What you could do is open it in GIMP/Photoshop etc, desaturate it, do a levels adjustment to increase the contrast, and paint out all the shadows around the outside with a white brush.

Auto tracing works best when you have a contrasty image, with no shading. Also there’s an option to switch off smoothing in the Trace Bitmap dialog in Inkscape.

For example:

enter image description here

Obviously I did this pretty quickly just as an example, but if you take a bit more care to clean up the raster image first, you’ll get better results.

Source : Link , Question Author : user1439198 , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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