Concept Design and Card Art freelancing prices

I’m a beginning freelancer and I have a client that wants character concepts (napkin sketches) then finished card art.
He also wants a 3D figure of the character to create playable tokens. So he will need an STL file for 3D printing.

My concern is with pricing. I am new at this and pricing is where I have no experience at all.
I thought of charging $100 for the entire process of concept and finished card art including the revisions during the sketching part.

Then for the 3D character, I thought of giving an estimate based on the complexity of the character. I thought of $12 an hour for this.

Here are some samples of my artistic level so you can judge if the pricing is right or too high.

The client has a project he wants to launch on

I live in California and graduated two years ago with a bachelors in Game Art and Design.

If my estimates are wrong, can anyone give me a better idea of what I should be charging?


THe best price is always “However much they are willing to pay.”

Have you figured your overhead to calculate an hourly rate? It’s doubtful that if you had, you’d come to $12/hr. See DA01‘s excellent answer here:
What price should I charge for design services?

Once you know your hourly rate, figure out how much time it’s going to take to create what is needed. Then, add at least an hour (trust me, it’ll always be at least one hour more than you think, especially when starting out freelancing).

And I echo TunaMaxx’s answer about bidding high. Always better to lower a bid than try and raise it.

Another thing to consider… I don’t know if or where you are currently employed, but if you were a full time artist/designer doing this same project, would you take such an employment position for $12/hr. If not, then why would you work any freelance for that rate.

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