Concept OS Mocking: Illustrator vs. Photoshop vs. Other

As a school project, I am graphically designing my own mobile OS. I already have hundreds of hand drawings of each aspect of the OSs design and I need to make the step to digital mockups.

As the designs that I will be concepting are not “usual” iOS or Android elements, I am going to need to make a lot of the elements from scratch.

I am fairly proficient in Photoshop but I hear that Illustrator might be a better tool to accomplish my goals.

Which software do you think I should use?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



It depends. If you are planning on using or creating textures, complex gradients and other “pixel heavy” elements, go for Photoshop. If your elements can be done with illustrator I would go for that as you can make many screens next to each other as well as slices (using art boards for example).

Source : Link , Question Author : user12230 , Answer Author : KMSTR

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