Confused about the resolution for IOS 6+ devices

I had designed one app for IPhone 5 and 6 and now I want to make the same app design for IPhone 6+ so what can be the resolution of its assets?

Currently I had done following things in Photoshop.

  • IPhone 5 or less: Icon Size= 55X55 (x)

  • IPhone 6: Icon Size= 110X110 (2x)

  • IPhone 6+: Icon Size= 165X165 (3x)

Still I am facing problem is slicing.
Is is correct resolution? or what is the correct way to slice for IOS 6+ Devices?



Yes, if your asset is 55 pixels for the 1× size, then you’ll be after 110 for 2× and 165 for 3×.

The iPhone 6 Plus should be treated as a full 3× UI scale device. You should use a 1242 × 2208px canvas when designing a full screen mockup. This is because the iPhone 6 Plus renders internally to a larger virtual canvas, then bitmap scales the entire screen down to 1080 × 1920px.

iPhone 6 Screens Demystified:

It’s easier to build and consider sizes to be in iOS points. Here’s the various iPhone models, with the screen dimensions in points:

iPhone display sizes in points

And I’ve written a bit about my workflow here:

Source : Link , Question Author : Pooja Roy , Answer Author : Marc Edwards

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