Connecting A and T in a custom typographic mark

I don’t have a lot of examples of “Look at me, I drew all the letters!” typography. But here is one, and I’m happy with the overall sketch and like everything but the first two letters. I dislike the A and the way that the A and the T join.

enter image description here

Sure I could tinker around and try to fix it myself. But since there are meta points and people testing the waters on the value of requesting feedback, I thought I’d use this as a case of asking something specific. What can be done to fix the A and T?

I don’t want to break it–so no gap; all the letters need to connect.

While in reality, this is just an old graphic that I made many years ago before I had creative suite and was using a $50 drawing program… it can reasonably be argued that there is no “good” or “bad” without a mission. So I have been thinking of what I might do with it now, repurposing. Let’s pretend this is the goal:

Atomic is the codename for a software project. We want to convey innovation, power, and uniqueness. The idea is that the design is stable yet powerful; can be combined in many ways; it’s a basic tool that you are expected to build upon and trust. As reliable as an atom, let us say, and as versatile…except imagine that kind of foundational elegance embodied as software.


By making the right leg of the A vertical the connection to the T can be cleaned up. This also helps to balance the logo, making the initial A more prominent (as prominent as the final C).

In the logo below this is further reinforced by making the A a bit bolder than in your original logo.

Atomic logo with a slanted A.

Source : Link , Question Author : HostileFork says dont trust SE , Answer Author : user1884905

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