Considerations for a producing a multi-color logo

I’m working on a logo where the client ask that I incorporate additional colors. I currently have a two color logo, orange and green, and they want the orange to transform into the red. This makes conceptual sense, because the logo is supposed to signify change, and red is one of the colors of the parent brand.

What considerations do I need to take when creating a multi-color logo? I already explained that it may cost more since it will be more than 2-colors, but then we usually have most things printed on a digital indigo press, so I’m assuming that won’t cost any more correct?

Do I need to choose Pantone colors?

What about a gradient, red to orange? What considerations do I need to take for gradients in a logo?

Any advice from people who have experience with multi-color or gradient logos would be helpful. I feel like I may be overlooking possible issues.


You don’t really need to use Pantone colors, as most logos are done in CMYK and/or RGB.

Even those logos that do actually use Pantone colors, they also come in CMYK-only and RGB-only versions, because those designers know Pantone can be tricky to work with and generally more expensive to print.

However, if you print digitally, which is the more common form of printing, CMYK will be enough and Pantone is likely to create issues, depending on the machines being used and their specific setup.

CMYK gradients are totally fine, Pantone gradients can, again, be tricky: How to make a smooth PMS gradient transition in Illustrator

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