Constantly get The local data store is currently in use by another operation when working on small projects

I use Visual Studio Team Services to store the source code of my projects as I work on them, I love the service, especially that it is free, but I have been running into the biggest pain lately.

Randomly when I go to save, modify, check in check out I get this error for every single file I am modifying. So if I am trying to save changes to 8 files I get this message 8 times and it takes 45 60 seconds of trying to check out for each file meaning to takes 6 – 8 minutes for the errors to stop (even if I hit cancel).

The local data store is currently in use by another operation

I looked it up online and found many people with the same issue but the response from MS has nothing to do with my situation.

It basically says this can happen when you have to many files in your workspace or have several large solution open at once.

This does not apply to me as I usually only have on solution open at a time and my projects are very small (400 -500 files).


Ran into this issue as well on VS 2013 and TFS – every time I opened my team explorer it would take 10+ seconds to show all projects, then when I would expand the project in source control, another 10+ seconds would roll by.

Earlier today I began to experience the “local storage is being used” error when trying to save data in class files. I did some original research, and this following link saved the day for sure. Now TFS is blazing!

Local Data Store Solved

What you do is edit workspace (including all projects associated), and change the “Location” dropdown from “Local” to “Server”. It took about 4-5 minutes for the changes to finish, but well worth it.

Hopefully this will help someone down the road.

Source : Link , Question Author : QBM5 , Answer Author : Rob Scott

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