converted vector image doesnt show correctly in corel draw

Im having some issues converting my image to a vector image

my png
enter image description here

Im following this guide which uses inkscape to convert it.

after saving I have my svg file

opening this in chrome looks good.

however when I open in corel draw I get this:

enter image description here

Why does it look the way it does in corel draw while chrome shows it correctly? In the end this is a waterbottle design that Im having engraved and the engravers needs it to look right in corel draw.

link to svg file

link to zipped contents of my working folder


I have tried the below suggestions of removing the image tag, Combine the paths and Rafael’s walk through. However it is still the same issue.

I also tried to start from scratch. this time starting and working solely inside inkscape. Tracing each silhouette individually as opposed to the whole image. But it still does not look right

here is the latest svg, ill try to get a screenshot of what it looks like in corel shortly.


Based on the second image, I’d suggest that there is a stray point/vector on the upper left of the screen. The fill function is creating havoc there and also along the bottom of the screen.

If you have layers in your original, there may be the same stray points on a separate layer.

If you care to post the svg file, I’ll take a look at it, as I’m sure will others.

I’ve downloaded the file, opened it in Inkscape, deleted the linked image as suggested. I think this part is important. I then saved the file from Inkscape under a non-conflicting filename and when opened in CorelDraw X7, the artifacts are gone.

I would have possibly attempted to locate the artifacts that caused the problem, but it was easier to solve as indicated.

Source : Link , Question Author : owen gerig , Answer Author : fred_dot_u

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