Converting a floorplan image to SVG paths (in Inkscape, or alternative)

So, I have this image of a floorplan

enter image description here

And I want to use Inkscape to convert the lines to SVG paths.

If I just import, Inkscape will just embed an image:

     inkscape:label="Layer 1"
     ... etc

There some tutorials online, such as this one, which recommend using Tracing.

However, when I follow it, no matter what option I chose, I get this:

enter image description here

where it seems to be hollowing out the walls 🙁

How can I reproduce this is visually identical SVG paths? In a way that could also handle curves? (I am open to non-Inkscape solutions, but would prefer them to be gratis)


The shown image is blurry and noisy. A part of the defects can be caused by Imgur image service, but anti-aliasing has given 1…2 pixels wide blurry zones to the edges which cannot be fixed with adjustments. 1…2 pixels are much as percents due the low resolution.

Automatic tracing attempts are quite useless. In addition only special CAD drawing style aware tracing programs can properly trace the lines as simple strokes. The common tracers in Inkscape or Illustrator can not do it. They trace, but one must make so much edits afterwards that as well he could redraw the image.

My suggestion:

  1. Lock the image in Inkscape’s Objects panel to prevent accidental moving.
  2. Prepare right width horizontal and vertical lines. Use 4 different colors to see the parts. Hold Ctrl with the Pen to get exact directions
  3. Make duplicates, move the pieces to their places and adjust the lengths.
  4. Select all and colorize to black when you are ready

enter image description here

I guess you do not like overlaps, a line should end at the edge of another line at joints because the lengths should present physical sizes.

In inkscape you cannot get a stroke easily to snap at the edge of another stroke, no matter what point snap selections (Learn them!) you use. Think if you could accept rectangles instead of single strokes. They snap easily.

If they must be lines you can insert to the joints temporary squares which help perfect snapping:

enter image description here

The squares must be converted to paths (=Path > Object to Path). Have all point snaps ON, turn off those which disturb a certain placement.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mawg says reinstate Monica , Answer Author : user287001

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