Converting a full colour vector to a single outline vector

Im looking to convert a full colour vector image into pretty much a line drawing with no fill. I use illustrator CS6. I have tried the Edit> Edit Colours> Recolour Artwork. However, when I’m done it still fills in the drawings where a colours were filled previously. deleting the colours inside isnt possible as the vector image was created through a live trace.

Any help regarding this would be appreciated.


  • Select all
  • Set fill to White
  • Stroke to black

This is essentially line art. Note white fills don’t print.

If you really want to remove the white, do the above then…..

  • Select all
  • Object > Expand
  • Click the Merge button on the Pathfinder Panel
  • Use the Direct Selection Tool (white arrow) and click 1 white shape
  • Choose Select > Same > Fill & Stroke
  • Hit the Delete key.

You are left with only black shapes making up the outline of the objects.

Source : Link , Question Author : Javeed , Answer Author : Scott

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