Copy Paste multiple Illustrator layers into Photoshop for individual editing?

I have a world map in Illustrator with a layer for each individual country. I want to copy and paste all layers into photoshop so that I can edit the colour blend for each individual country. I do not want to copy and paste 200 times to get 200 shape layers. Can I copy then another way so i can edit each country individually?


You should make an export of your .ai file as a .psd.

After File > Export..., at the bottom of the dialog you must choose psd as your exporting format and when you click save you get a new dialog in which you can choose if you are exporting as a flat image or with the different layers. To do this you must check the Write Layers option. After that you would be good to open that file in Photoshop and tune your individual countries.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jim , Answer Author : Vincent

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