Corrupt path in illustrator

Somehow a few lines in a file I’m working on became corrupted. When I load the file I get the message “An error occurred while processing the appearance of an object.” I found that if I remove two lines in particular, the problem goes away. There’s nothing special about them. Just two straight lines.

The graphical element containing the lines in question were imported from a much older PDF. However, I don’t remember getting these error messages when working on the file previously, and, according to the date listed in “Add and Remove programs” (Windows 10), I haven’t upgraded Illustrator since I last edited the file.

My questions are:

  1. Is there something I can do to recover corrupted paths? I can easily recreate these lines, but I’m concerned it may happen again to a more complex element that would cause more pain.
  2. Any tips on how to avoid having this happen in the future?


Corrupt files can happen for any number of reasons – Hard drive failures, interruptions when reading/writing, bad or faulty RAM, using remote servers when saving/opening……

There’s really nothing you can to to prevent file corruption most of the time except have a good backup system in place, preferably one with double or triple redundancy.

Source : Link , Question Author : Evan , Answer Author : Scott

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