Could someone recommend an app for simple designing of icons? [duplicate]

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What are some good resource for programmers to design icons?

I have been developing web and iPhone applications for our company to use internally. For the artwork I’ve been using Procreate Inkpad and Sketchbook on my iPad and Inkscape and Gimp on my Mac.

I’m wondering if there is a simpler package. I’m, for the most part, only designing icons that the user clicks on.

If the tools I’m using are sufficient, any reference material for creating decent artwork, for the usage I have outlined, would be greatly appreciated.


If it’s icons for a company to use internally, there might be no need to re-invent the wheel: you might get best results using some of the existing libraries of free and/or decent quality icons.

(The last link also includes a suggested icon creating program, if you do need original icons)

Of course if your product is aimed at an audience who you need to impress, this isn’t an option.

But if you have a small, captive audience of people already engaged with the product (usually true of internal company tools), and your needs for the icons’ design are purely that they are good for usability and don’t look unprofessional, and if you’re not getting very far with standard design tools, I’d say don’t spend time learning how to reinvent the wheel – good icon design is harder than it looks.

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