Create a geometric mobius strip in illustrator

I’m trying to create the following image of a Mobius Strip in illustrator:

enter image description here

Now I can create the following image in illustrator, by intersecting two circular shapes and using the same tool. Impossible O
This is kind of similar, however, instead of using a gradient on it, how do I make it with the geometric lines. Thanks in advance!


It’s really difficult to achieve this effect.

I used two different shapes to test using them as Art Brushes.

I applied the first one and I use the Widht tool to make the endpoints smaller.

The second I used it as it is.

Some tweaking to the spiral shapes were necessary.

Unfortunately, I could not make the lines interact making them fluid as you can see.

I think it’s a good start but there are some other methods probably.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Yahboysurge , Answer Author : LeoNas

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