Create a sprite using a sequence of images photoshop

I would like to create a horizontal image sprite for use in a jQuery animation, how would i create a sprite from 190 images in a folder (around 220kb each file) into a single horizontal sprite?


As I write code a lot too, I know your pain with this task. Luckily there are dozens of

Sprite Generators

out there. I don’t even save the link, as you always find a fitting one soon. The above linked generator takes a ZIP file. Luckily they don’t only give you the resulting sprite image/sprite, but write the CSS for you as well.

Sidenote/Hint: Pay attention how you name stuff. They normally order stuff by names. So if you got :active and :hover states, you should name them accordingly:

  • layer_active.ext,
  • layeractive.ext or
  • layer-active.ext.

The only thing that’s now left is to write the (pretty intense) mark-up 🙂

Source : Link , Question Author : Xavier , Answer Author : kaiser

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