Create a two color printing image with only one color (dithering)

In Illustrator: How do you create the color Grey with just using Black, but without changing opacity? (it can also be used for other colors)
Whenever we have to print something (shopping bags, wrapping paper, etc) we have to create a template for each color that is used. There is a “cheat” where you take a graphic element and fill it with tiny dots in stead of a 100% solid fill, thus creating the illusion that a second “lighter” color is used. The “further” the dots are from each other, the “lighter” the color will be. But since its the same base color, it saves on having to create another template.

I hope that made sense.
enter image description here

–> Original file used by the producer in .pdf format (open in Illustrator)


Couldn’t you just set your black to grey scale Black K and then adjust the black to the grey color you would like. Just a thought.

You currently have your pantone as black U 85%
enter image description here

change it to grey scale
enter image description here

Side by side comparison:
enter image description here

Now your using the color black at 70%

Maybe I’m not understanding 100% what you are trying to achieve.

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