Create animated gif of an arrow being hand-drawn

I want to hand-draw an arrow, on either an ipad or the trackpad of a macbook, and generate an animated gif which ‘replays’ the drawing in real time.

I want the animation to look like an arrow being drawn in black marker pen on a whiteboard – so just a black line with a pea-sized circular brush stroke, and ideally on a transparent background so it can be overlaid on other things on a webpage, though I could live with a white background as a workaround.

Basically, I want the arrow to end up looking like this example of what the arrow should look like

Are there any tools, free or paid, which will allow me to generate such an animated gif, and export it?

I had a look at this question but it seems like the OP’s requirement is in the opposite direction to mine (generate a drawing animation from an already-completed drawing). So not sure if that accepted answer is applicable for the reverse direction (I don’t really understand it to be honest, but if it is, I will learn!) or if I should use that solution from a finished version of the arrow, but this seems a pretty complex workaround.


Essentially what you do is grab a screen video of the work, then convert those video frames to a gif image. As far as I’m aware, there’s no “automatic” gif creation software for recording screen movies. Everything generates a video file. There are several apps which can use that video file to generate a gif though.


This meta question may be relevant: How to embed screen capture videos as animated gifs in answers?

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