Creating a Brand Book – Resolution difference between Retina/non Retina

I am currently working on a brand book in Illustrator for a client and I have issues with the sizes (font size, resolution, etc.). What document settings do I have to use on my retina Macbook to make this document correct for all displays?

I created a Din A4 document and added a 85px Text. The text is so big and the document so small. Why is that? Shouldn’t it be Din A4 size, if I view it at 100%?

I think I have some issue in general understanding how to work with a retina display.

I appreciate any help!

Here you can see a screenshot of the document


The good news is that it isn’t a retina/non-retina issue you are hitting, and you can ‘solve’ it relatively easily by turning on View > Pixel Preview.

Your 85px type will now be 85px type regardless of the screen you are viewing it on. (You can test this out against type set to the same height in a browser.)

The reason for this is that pixels are an abstract measurement in that they rarely relate directly to actual pixels on the screen anymore. By default, Illustrator maps pixels to points, so they will likely appear bigger than they should. Switching to pixel preview matches them to your computer’s default resolution.

Source : Link , Question Author : Anil , Answer Author : Alex Magill

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