Creating a cocoon-like spun texture

I’m trying to create a 2d texture like that shown below that I can use to similarly ‘shrink wrap’ objects in 3d software so they look like they’ve been captured by a spider.

I know I’ve seen some synthetic material like this, but can’t think of what it is.

I’ve tried creating the texture from lightning and difference cloud procedurals but just can’t get it ‘spun’ enough looking.

Any suggestions?

Edit: As requested, here’s one of the attempts I had. I think by persisting in piecing together sections like this and tweaking transparencies and straightening out the major strands might give me a believable enough image. But always keen to learn of novel solutions.


The first thing that came to mind for me was a fractured glass pattern. There are lots of images out there depicting it, but the trick would be to find a few good ones where there is no background imagery visible and where the pattern is fairly irregular. If you can find some like that, I think it might work well for this. You’d probably have to compose several of them together to get something that looks layered like your example, and only use the parts that look like webbing and leave out the smashed bits in the center if they are visible. But I do think it could work.

Here’s a decent fracture image I found on iStockPhoto. If you put that on a layer and set the blend mode to Screen, that’s how you can extract just the white bits.

Source : Link , Question Author : jontyc , Answer Author : Alexei

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