Creating a list of favourite fonts in Photoshop

I do a lot of design work, and I’m constantly using different fonts. Therefore I’ve built up a list of over 200 fonts in my directory.

Is there a way in Photoshop of creating a favourites short list of fonts (i.e., a bit like swatch in Illustrator for colours)?

It would save me so much time in scrolling down these every growing font lists.


You shouldn’t have 200 fonts loaded all at the same time. They can bog down the system and the applications that use the font folders for menus, in addition to the problems you stated in trying to navigate the ever-growing menu.

You really need a separate font management tool of some kind to help you organize your fonts into sets of your liking. There are a number of them out there; Extensis Suitcase Fusion and FontXplorer Pro come to mind.

From the FontXplorer website…

Is font management for you? Font
management is for anyone who uses more
than just a handful of fonts.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you need to free up your system?
Every font that has been activated on
your system requires the deployment of
system resources to applications. This
can be an unproductive use of
resources, particularly for fonts that
are used infrequently. Font management
allows you to activate fonts solely
for the period of time you actually
need them, freeing up precious
resources so your system can run more

Do you have trouble maintaining an
overview of your fonts?
professional creative application you
install adds new fonts to your system
that you may or may not want. Font
management helps you find, preview,
and sort fonts and deactivate the ones
you don’t need.

Source : Link , Question Author : nextyear , Answer Author : Philip Regan

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