Creating a two toned symmetric pattern overlay on top of an image

Does anyone know how to create this black and white pattern overlay effect in photoshop? I’ve tried the film grain filter and the half tone pattern filter and I haven’t been able to create the sharpness or clarity of the pattern in this image.

p.s you might need to zoom in on the to see it.
tour de france image


1 – Create a new image with 2x2px, three pixels white, with one pixel black.

enter image description here

2 – Make it a Pattern with Edit > Define Pattern

3 – Open your picture.

4 – Create a new layer over the picture, and fill it with the pattern created.

5 – Blend the pattern with layer property “screen”

enter image description here

You can make bigger patterns (ie: 10x10px) if you wish to increase pixel visibility. And it works with different patterns and colored images too.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : user47821 , Answer Author : Mario

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