Creating asymetrical gradients

I’ve been curious for some time on how to create this asymetrical and multicolored gradient. I know how to do the multi color in photoshop/illustrator, but I am unsure how to create the asymetrical aspect of it.

enter image description here
enter image description here

My only other guess is that this is just a brush on multiple layers/colors that is then highly blended. If anyone knows how to create this in Adobe or Sketch it would be much appreciated!


The easiest way to do this is create massive circles of your chosen colors, as solids, and then apply VERY strong blurs to the image, as an effect, and move, scale and change colors of the underlying circles until you get the desired result.

Here’s an example of doing this, taking the following…

enter image description here

and blurring it, heavily, creates this: [cropped, see blurred line on left, I was THAT lazy]

enter image description here

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